Shaders support

Tuesday 14 October 2008 09:45

We finally added some code to allow integration of shaders. Currently there is a shader for the whole 3D scene. However we could later use a shader for the terrain, one for the characters and another one for objects.
Wait & see…

Forum offline

Monday 11 February 2008 04:50

due to technical problems, the forum is offline. We are working on getting it up back as soon as possible.

Work in progress

Friday 20 July 2007 01:57

The game development has resumed. This is the program:
- task repartition improved
- sound and music management
- bridges added
- dungeon heart stores gold
- new widgets

Some other stuff are planned:
- 3D text to display information in the game area
- new rooms
- new buddies
- new interactions
- doors
- traps

New demo

Sunday 25 February 2007 01:58

The game runs with a menu now. You can either choose to play on the local server you will run, or on the test server or type the address of another server.
The movements in the game has been modified, and you can use the keyboard now for that.
The cursor in the game area is now in 3D, it helps to locate. Be aware: you need the new data packet!

Good game, and don't connect too much on the test server: there are only 32 places. wink

New release

Wednesday 14 February 2007 01:41

The client now uses a thread to update the map, so the display is no longer slow down by the refresh.
The server updates more often, and could load a map from a file.
It is the first release with the bits of fight system.

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