Fights, etc.

Monday 29 January 2007 00:35

The fighting system has begun to be implemented. For the moment we just see the KO buddies stretched out on the ground.

We think about the possibility to script the interface in order to allow modifying it easily, and to develop it without recompiling the preogram...

First pre-pre-alpha release !

Friday 26 January 2007 01:04


We finally release a testing version as the windows binaries finally
work smile

You have to download the binaries corresponding to your system as well as the data files on the sourceforge download page :

If you use another system than Linux or Windows, you will have to get the sources and try to compile. You will need some libraries :
- Opengl
- SDL_image
- lua 5.1
- lib3ds

In any case, to run the game you have to run the server first, then run the client. On windows you have to kill the server process when you have
You can change a lot of parameters (mostly interface) in the script scripts/config.lua
You can also change these parameters in the console by pressing the key in the game.

Have fun, and if you experience some problems, feel free to ask on the forum

Website updated

Sunday 21 January 2007 00:51

The bug that made the screenshots hide the website content has finally been fixed.

Now the little screens owners can navigate the website normally smile


Monday 18 December 2006 00:32

The new tasker has been coded. Workers and Warriors are supposed to be more intelligent now. For example if there are several tasks to do, they don't do all the same thing.

New Rooms

Saturday 18 November 2006 09:14

New rooms are currently being programmed: library, refectory and workshop. A new task-manager is currently being developped too.

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