Sunday 05 November 2006 02:23

The network works, several players can connect on the server. We can resume the same game if we run the game on the same console.
The fights are not managed yet, nor the properties so the workers convert all the cells they can, and can dig enemies walls. This will be managed well soon.
Concerning graphisms, the cell drawing has been completely rewritten. Little new feature: the walls are different according to the room, and there are torchs on them. However there is still not lights effects. Still to come too.


Sunday 29 October 2006 07:44

Networking has begun to be developped now. At this thime we can run a serveur, and the client sends it action requests, and receives the effects. The multiplayer management will begin soon, and we will be able to manage the fight system.

What is the menu?

Sunday 17 September 2006 02:37

We began to make a menu draft. Now we can do the actions with icon-buttons.
A new stuff has been added too: there is now a minimap to have a global overview of the map, and then find easily ressources for example.
However the menu still lacks of design.

3D Display

Thursday 17 August 2006 06:22

Some days ago I was thinking it was too early to begin the 3D rendering. But the fact of thinking about it motivated me to do it actually. So it's done. There is still no lights, shadows, fog, etc. The picking for cells has already been done. For the objects and creatures it shouldn't be complicated.
But I forgot: I still must do 3D models loading, animation, etc. But the fileformat hasn't been choosen yet.

I did a new texture for the floor, and I will do some more before uploading the new data.

Website created

Tuesday 15 August 2006 10:32

This is finally a little website to do a homepage for this game project. There are few sections, and I don't know if we need more. Not at this time anyway. The forum is the one hosted by Free that we already used before, the screenshots and downloads are directly the Sourceforge ones. It only remains the FAQ, the news and the links that are specific to this site.
And it's totalle bilingual smile

Thanks for visiting us, and hope that we will have something to make you play soon.

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